This I believe…

Sierra - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Everyone wants something to live for. Why shouldn’t they? No one wants to live a pointless life that means absolutely nothing and no pay off. So what do we do about that? We find something to believe in, anything. What these beliefs are called is religion. I believe that religion is only a state of mind.

There are a lot of personal reasons why I believe this about religion. The main one is my mother. When I was younger we didn’t go to church but my mom always wanted my sister and I to read the bible, which I didn’t like doing. Sometimes I would complain about having to do it and as a punishment she would just make me read for longer. Plus, on top of that she yelled a lot and would say things that hurt my sister and I. Even though I know that she didn’t mean those hurtful things, I made a decision for myself that if that’s what being a Christian was like, I wanted nothing to do with God.

Religion, by definition is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Basically religion is something that people believe in for the sole purpose of having something to believe in. A wide variety of people say that they believe in a god only because they are afraid of what would happen if they don’t, not because they truly believe in what the religion has to offer. Like most anything, religion is a man made system of beliefs, someone human had to come up with it. So if you think about it any person could think up some ideas, round up some followers and call it a religious group. So really, what’s the difference between a cult and the people of the church? There is no difference. Religion has been responsible for more deaths in the world than all other unnatural causes combined. I really do believe that religion really is a state of mind. If someone really and truly believes something then it will work for him or her. That’s when the word faith comes in to play. People get to a point in their lives where if they believe something for a prolonged period of time they will actually believe that it is happening. Take Christianity for example, someone can pray repeatedly for divine things to happen and in their mind they really will start to happen. But when things like a family member dies and they pray their hearts out for them to be saved and for whatever reason they die, the people would say that god had better plans for them and their going to a “better place?” That doesn’t even make sense. It’s almost as if they use religion for their own benefit and they have to defend this ever powerful god figure when he doesn’t do what they ask of him. If there really was a true god, an all holy, powerful, majestic, amazing god, why would he allow his people who he “loves and cares about” live in poverty, die of disgusting disease and be molested and abused my people they trust?

Everyone perceives religion differently; some are completely devoted to serving the god of their choice whether it is Buddha, Jesus Christ, Allah etc. Or whether they believe in one god or many gods. One Christian may believe that it is a complete and total sin to have sex before marriage, while another person who also claims to be a Christian and who may even go to the same church could think that sex before marriage is a totally personal choice and has nothing to do with his/her faith in god. I guess you could say that it’s open to interpretation. Say what you want about it, but one-day stop to think about what “religion” really is.