Oh So Wordly

Kayla - Peoria, Arizona
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As cliché as it may sound, I believe in God, not to simply follow the crowd but because I truly believe that it is not all about religion and that, without Him, we would be lost in this materialistic world. I can look around any part of town, any street, and I will find people of all sorts living their busy lives. All of them are going to work or maybe even out to lunch. What inspires them to live? They can not just live for their morning decaf mocha latte or that sweet new iPhone that just came out in stores. Something has to ignite that passion of life and the longing to learn so much more about this world; that something is God.

We have heard it a thousand times that life is full of troubles, trials, and tribulations but until we actually experience it, it is a whole different story. We want to cry our little hearts out and give up on life. But deep inside something is telling us to hold on and be strong, and I truly believe that it is God. I have gone through hard times, I mean who hasn’t? My little sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes. It may not be as life threatening as cancer, but it does change the lives of the people who have it and those around them. My sister got it when she was only four years old and watching her take those insulin shots was heart wrenching. My sister has had a couple of diabetic seizures and I can not tell you how scared I was for her and how much I wanted her to make it out ok. I was sick of always worrying for her, so I began to trust that God was going to take care of things. Even though it sounds lame to some people, it actually worked. Ever since I began to trust and believe, she has not had one seizure. See, no religion involved, just me taking a step towards the light and living in its goodness.

Don’t get lost in the desires and needs of this material world. Take a second out of life and just look around and see the beauty of this earth. I have learned there is so much more out there than just a decaf mocha latte.