To Believe or Not to Believe

Paul - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

Writing an essay on what you believe in is pointless. This assignment should have never been given. Whoever thought of the idea to write an essay about what you believe in is illogical. Beliefs are opinions, not facts. People believe what they hear and see, not what is real. Every belief in this world comes from another person. There is an infinite chain of beliefs that never end. One person thinks of an idea, tells another person, and they spread the idea around. All of these ideas aren’t accurate, they are simply fantasies that people wish would be tangible. Reading about another persons’ beliefs is meaningless because they are myths. All you are doing is living in someone else’s dream.

The one characteristic that every person on this Earth shares is that they believe what they want. Several are brainwashed by their parents as children. At a young age your parents told you what is right and wrong. They told you about the god they believe in or that none exists. All of these morals your family entailed on you is what you follow throughout your life. To some people your beliefs are evil, but to others they are righteous. Some people decide they want to be different and rebel against the traditional beliefs in society. These people include extremists, thieves, and atheists. These human beings believe that they are the correct individuals. Who is to decide these people are immoral or unethical? Again, it is all just your belief and personal opinion. A number of people become ultimately confused, and don’t know what they believe in.

Opinions are purposeless because there are always different views. Everyone’s opinion is different, and never will everyone in the world agree on the same concept. Nothing in the world is one hundred percent accurate. The closest thing to reality is science, but even that cannot always be verified. Even facts and theories by the greatest scientists have been proven incorrect over time. What if there is magic? What if ghosts do exist? Peoples’ beliefs will continue on forever. Now tell me, what do you believe?