Laughter is a Feeling

Alyna - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in my love of laughter. It’s a love that overpowers any emotion that I feel or have buried deep inside. Laughter brings out a part of me that is always happy and in desperate need of the sound of other’s happiness. The dictionary defines laughter as an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement. I define laughter as a feeling. Not just a feeling that one only feels when they are happy or entertained, but a feeling one can feel when they are in need of strength and hope, or the sensation one feels when laughter opens their eyes to a new world of colors. Laughter isn’t just an expression or an appearance; it’s a package that comes with feelings and emotions.

Although laughter cannot be seen, I know it comes in different sounds and sizes that are unique to every person in the world. A laugh can grow and change just as a human grows and changes as their life unfolds. A laugh cannot be stolen from a person because it lives inside every individual. It can only be accessed by the individual and it will only respond to the emotions in which it thrives. I believe that without the individuality of every person’s laughter the world would seem dead and colorless. People would see no reason to express themselves through laughter because they would sound just like everybody else. The planet would become dull and lifeless.

Have you ever seen somebody yawn and then soon after you find yourself yawning? Or have you ever been with your best friend and laughed at absolutely nothing for hours just because you love to laugh together? Laughter is contagious and loving. When you hear somebody laugh you cannot help yourself but begin to also laugh, and a smile is always waiting to appear on your face when you have finished laughing until your stomach hurts. With your friends you can laugh so hard that tears begin to stream down your face and you forget why your laughing but you cannot stop because its fun to laugh at yourself. I believe that laughter can bring people together because it is a universal symbol of happiness and love.

Laughter is an emotion, a sound, and a voice. A child’s laugh expresses his or her feelings without using words. An infant’s laugh is one that can see the many of the joys in the world. A teenager’s laugh can be one of freedom and friendship. And an old person’s laugh can be one of wisdom and pure joy. A laugh is like a finger print. It is unique to every individual and can never be erased after it leaves its footprint on ones heart.