I believe in ice cream

Ashlee - Glendo, Wyoming
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has those days that make you wish that you had just stayed in bed. Everyone also goes through rough times in their life where they wonder how they will ever move on. It’s times like these that have taught me to believe in ice cream. It’s sort of a tradition that my best friend Nikki and I have come up with to help get us through those rough times. From days full of boy troubles and bad grades to times of serious trouble and life changing decisions, we find it easier to handle life over a bowl of ice cream.

There is one day in particular that I always remember as a day that was sort of ‘saved’ by ice cream. The day started out horribly for Nikki with the death of her fish. I hadn’t really known that she was all that attached to the little guy but apparently so as she came to school crying about her loss. Things only got worse during science when we learned that our task for the day was to dissect a frog. Just as we were really starting to get into the small amphibian, Nikki let out a scream. She had somehow managed to stab herself in the hand with one of the scalpels. Although it was one of the smallest cuts I had ever seen, Nikki was convinced that she could somehow contract ‘froggie aids’ from the contact with the scapula. After several minutes of running her hand under water she was still sobbing, and it seemed like there was nothing I could do to cheer her up.

As experience will show, once a day starts out this bad it generally just doesn’t get any better. Nikki continued having one of the worst days of all time, and I definitely wasn’t having much fun either with my best friend in such distress. By the end of the day Nikki wasn’t really feeling up to it, but I convinced her that some ice cream would make everything better.

We decided on some milkshakes at Riverview, although I’m sure it wouldn’t have really mattered where we went. As soon as we had our ice cream, things started looking up. As usual, we began talking about all of the crazy horrible stuff that had happened at school, and before long we were laughing about it. For some reason ‘froggie aids’ just doesn’t seem as bad when you’re sharing ice cream with your best friend.

Nikki and I have been through a lot; good and bad. Together we have realized that sometimes, the small things in life are what get you through the day. I believe in ice cream. Just add friends.