Sic Transit Gloria

Jose - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I believe that to get anywhere worth being, every once in awhile a person needs to take a risk. I don’t mean a physical risk or something to put your well being on the line, I am talking about the kind of risk that leaves your hopes, ambitions, and self-confidence in a vulnerable place. The risk of making a decision or setting a goal that leaves you with everything to gain and all to lose at the same time.

It could be the fear of trying to go for that varsity spot on your team. You could take to the field with a new drive and grasp the honor of varsity and walk away with a newfound confidence. Of course, on the other hand, you could end up second to someone you feel isn’t up to par in comparison to you and trudge through the rest of the season with a looming disappointment over your head.

At the current moment my Everest is the one hundred meter breaststroke record in my high school. Yea, good old Tipton High Schools all time record which was set in ninety-one. The record stands at one minute, ten seconds, and fourteen twentieths of a second. That record headlines my to do list with giant illuminating spot lights fixed on it and it is absolutely intimidating. I’ll work all season, I’ll persevere through the hard work, and that record will come down at the end of the two thousand-nine swimming season.

It is not about the glory I’ll gain from being able to call that record mine because there is something very much worth knowing that I learned from a movie called Rushmore, and that is ,“sic transit gloria,” which means that glory fades. I am taking the risk of setting my sights high and putting that record in my cross hairs because it is something that will have meaning for me after I accomplish my goal. This risk will leave me vulnerable to failure and my fear that I am inadequate of my own expectations. That, however, is the catch; there isn’t anything worth having that comes easy.

In dedication to anyone still to fearful to cross that chasm of vulnerability