The Pleasure of Nature

Sonia - centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, nature

I believe nature is the key to happiness. Nature connects us all together in a way that no other “possessions” can. I believe nature has feelings as do we with everyday events. Nature surrounds me, purifies, comforts, and warms my body and soul.

Every summer since I was born, I have had the luxury to go and explore the small town where my parents were raised. It is located in Jalisco, Mexico in a valley. The breathtaking area is San Jose de la Paz. I used to spend both the summer and winter seasons there and was able to experience the differences between the both of them. But now with a tight budget and school as my main priority, we no longer visit in the winter. The feeling I experience when I am surrounded by the lush green trees on the mountains and the refreshing waters from the river is a feeling almost indescribable. Every year my dad likes to go visit the remains of the house where he grew up. The house is covered by mounds of beautiful flowers, ripe cacti, bushes and medicinal herbs. My grandparents from both sides of my family taught my parents the names and purposes of many herbs and flowers. When we walk through fields of wild flowers my parents come back with bundles of herbs for cures and teas that we eventually take back home to Ohio for comfort.

As we gazed around the house, we look down over the hill to see a stunning view of the clear rushing waters of the river. We rush down the hill and a gust of wind hits our faces. We finally reach to a stop at the bottom, and meet up with the river. While my mom and dad prepare the fire to cook dinner, my younger siblings, Sandro and Angela sit on boulders and approach the river side. They anxiously remove their shoes and run and kick around in the shallow parts of the river. About an hour later, we all gather around the fire to eat, and we warm our cold hands and feet. After a long day of exploring, my dad takes out his guitar and plays songs for my mom to sing along. When the clear sky goes pitch-black, the stars come out and we all huddle in the back of the truck and lay down to watch the stars. Before midnight approaches, we take the buckets of water that we had gathered hours before hand to turn out the fire.

All of my life, nature has been a great influence in shaping my character. Nature is what helps us understand, breath, and see more than one point of view. In the end, whether it be my wealth, my necessities, or just another fun filled day with my family, everything always comes back to the astonishing influence of nature.