Chill for Best Results

Aaron - Northglenn, Colorado
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Freezing is the fastest and easiest way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh over long periods of time. Keeping water and other beverages cool makes them much more enjoyable. Nearly all desserts need time to chill in order to be delicious and delightful treats we love so much. Though most people recognize the importance of keeping their food chill, many don’t see that keeping themselves chill is just as important.

I believe in the art of chillin’. So many people in today’s world go through life without taking any time to just stop and think. Some people are so obsessed with what they “need” to get done that they don’t care about other people. They don’t even care about themselves. They think that the work they’re doing will make them happy, but they don’t stop to find happiness in their life as it is. And those workaholics oftentimes die unhappy because the happiness they spend their life working for is damn near impossible to attain. These are the people that can’t chill to save their lives.

I myself was horrible at chillin’ for most of my life. Last year, all my responsibilities threatened to break me down, and came very close. Classes, extra-curricular activities, sports, my job, and my church completely overwhelmed me. Not to mention my girlfriend, who felt like I never made enough time for her because of all the other stuff in my life. Finally, some people, who I can’t honestly call my friends, showed me another side of life. We would chill together, and I would take time to lift all the stress off my shoulders. This allowed me to focus more on my responsibilities when I returned to them. I used to think sitting around is simply wasting time not being productive. Now chillin’ is the only thing that protects me from the crushing pressure which accompanies actively participating in life.

Some people have a hard time understanding the importance of being chill. My dad is one of those people. This one time we were waiting for a table at the Olive Garden. My grandma and I were just chillin’, but my dad appeared to be incapable of shutting his mind down. He wanted to have discussions, and asked us how we could just sit there and not talk, not think, not do anything. But what he still doesn’t understand is that we were doing something. We were doing something fundamental to keeping ourselves sane: we were chillin’.

Everyday humans should take time to chill. Whether you listen to music, watch a movie, or simply sit around with your friends discussing life, religion, philosophy, and how to make the best brownies in the world, you must chill for best results.