The Real American Dream

Robert - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everything happens for a reason. It seems living by my belief makes me a more up-beat, optimistic person. Look past what I don’t have now because in the end it comes back better. Everything comes together in the strangest ways. Ways that can be a little too harsh.

At age 12, family moral nothing out of the ordinary. My mom, a house mom, trained to become a hospice aid to support herself and her kids, to become one of those, “cool career women”. Being quite the sports guy with soccer and lacrosse, and gymnastics, its was a shock when band totally intercepted my jock profile. I played the baritone horn pretty much forever. But one day after school was when I learned my first lesson. I got off the bus just like every other day, and there was a moving truck in front of my house. The house was sold in two days. My room was packed up ahead of time, but my parents said we were moving to Ohio with the rest of my family, to get a divorce. My life changed right there in the front yard, baritone in hand, and my back-pack on my back. I was hoping for a way out.

When I got to Centerville High School, I was immediately sold to the band program. I got involved in everything band related, becoming the complete “band nerd” and proud of it. Baritone in the marching band was great, but it was time for a change, something new, exciting, and difficult. That’s when I joined the CHS Winter Drum line, something I knew nothing about. I only knew them as the people who played percussion in the marching band every fall. I completely wrong. They compete year around and compete with all other drum lines all around the world. The day of tryouts, my friend taught me everything I needed to know 1 hour before decision time, to be in the Front Ensemble, or “the pit”. That day, my life changed drastically. Two years later I got the courage to stand up to my directors, go against their judgment, and switch to the Front Ensemble for the fall marching band. I was center vibraphone my first winter year, leading to center marimba my sophomore winter year. Junior year, when I tried out, I made leadership team for the fall marching band.

Living in a huge brand new house in Maryland, to a small neighborhood in a town house with my mom and little sister right across the street from my best friends changed my life for the better. How can I tell? Well, I caught up to kids that have been playing mallets 3-4 years before me and now I’m their section leader. Most importantly, switching sections introduced me to something unexpected in the end, my girlfriend of two years. Everything happens for a reason, sit back, and watch the world unfold as it should. My message to the world, this I believe.