A Notion towards Film

Jordan - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that film is an intricate and misunderstood art. This belief did not come to me simply and effortlessly. To this day I still do not completely understand film and I’m not sure I ever will. What I do know is that film can not be explained by one definition nor summarized into one sentence because it does not mean the same to everyone.

I was introduced to the world of film at a young age by my dad. He loved film and was eager to share his love of film with me. I grew up along side hundreds of VHS tapes and later DVDs. Before I was old enough for school I would spend the day watching movies or playing them on the VCR just to listen to them as I occupied myself with other activities. As I grew older and matured so did my interest in movies. I no longer found “kid movies” entertaining or clever. I needed something more thought provoking, something with more substance. This is when film became more than just entertainment for me. It became a way of life.

As my love for film grew quickly, I realized that I wanted to make my life about film and it was then that I decided to set my career goals on film. I did not make that decision half-heartedly. In fact, I feel it was only in the past year that I have realized which part of film I wished to pursue, directing. With that decision made, I no longer simply watched movies; but instead, I studied them. I attempted to learn the art of film. During this time my whole perspective of film changed. I discovered film was not just entertainment; it was an art, a means of expression, and something of true beauty.

My life goal was planned by the age of 15 and thus my adventure to learn as much about film began. I attempted to catch all the new movies as well as the old classics I hear so much about. The process helped me learn a great deal about film and taught me how powerful film could be. Film could stir emotions people did not know existed, persuade thousands of people to believe in something, even cause people to take action in their own world. I realized film was ever present even when a movie was not playing. Film can do things no one believe imaginable and that is why I believe film is an intricate and misunderstood art.