All You Need is Hope to Change a Life

Emily - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

I believe in hope for an end to potentially life-threatening habits. I believe there is always a hope for the “hopeless”

Entering high school is one of the most difficult experiences you have as a child. Imagine your best friend, the one person you would truly take a bullet for, living five hundred miles away. For us, talking daily was difficult but we managed to talk every day. Each day at eight we would get on the computer as we finished our homework and would instant message about our days. We shared everything with each other; at least I thought we did. Christmas Eve my freshman year I was babysitting and I got online after I put the kids to bed; I will remember this night for the rest of my life. To this day, it remains the most shocking moment of my life. That night, he admitted he had not been telling me the truth every night. He had become involved in drinking, drugs, and physically harming himself. I became completely hysteric; I couldn’t believe what I had just been told. After the news had set in I realized what he was doing wasn’t okay, but it also wasn’t anymore severe then a normal teenager; at least the drinking and drugs.

Then sophomore year came and things became much worse. The amounts of drugs and drinking increased. I talked to one of his friends and she took him to the counselor at school. The counselor then called his parents but unfortunately, he was able to convince his parents that what the counselor had told them was only a rumor and they believed him but still kept closer tabs on him. After this, the problem only worsened once again. Amounts increased once more only this time the severity of drugs also sky-rocketed to some drugs people may consider the most severe and addicting. He knew he had a severe problem when he began having urges that killed him to leave unfulfilled. He has now toned it down and I am as proud as can be.

This is why I believe in hope for an end to potentially life threatening habits. There have been many times where he has tried to stop everything forever, but sadly these attempts failed. He, like most of his other friends, has given up hope on himself. I never will. I weekly a story about how he has messed up again and truly feels bad for what he puts me through. I’m determined that eventually something will finally hit him hard enough that he quits. I believe no one is destined to be a failure for the rest of their life. I believe everyone has a conscience, some of us just choose to mute ours. I believe that one day something will happen to turn it back on. And above all, I believe there is no such thing as hopeless.