Perseverance and Staying Power

Jessica - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50


I believe in perseverance and staying power.

With perseverance and staying power, difficulty can turn into opportunity and opportunity into a new life.

A few years ago, I had one of those experiences that felt at the time like a real slap in the face. I was fired from a non-profit here in the DC area. I went in for my annual performance appraisal and was handed a termination letter. I was in shock, completely taken aback. I was at a complete loss. I felt crushed and very weary of the future, with no idea where to turn next. After the initial shock and a bit of time, I pulled myself together, put one foot in front of the other, and moved on with life. First thing I did was put some structure back in my life. I needed a reason to get up and get going. So, with her support, I called my friend every morning and told her what I was doing that day. I went to the gym, sat the laptop and diligently looked for work, …I also had some fun when I was able to get myself to do so. I just kept moving on without knowing what was to come.

I stuck to it as best I could. In this end, this perseverance and staying power paid off. After some up and down times, I ended up at another non-profit – first as a temp, and then as a full-time employee. It was not the ideal job, but I was back at work, making money, and being productive. I got back on my feet. And it got me into the door of an association which ultimately led me to the job I have now. A job I did not meet the actual qualifications for, but went for…and here I am, in a job I like, I care about…and hence, I am doing well in.

I kept going …and out of what at the time felt like a terrible thing, has come a new life, a feeling that I fit, and true contentment.

Through perseverance and real staying power, I have found my niche and am content.

And in the words of Benjamin Franklin “Out of adversity comes opportunity.”