when the earthquake came

David - China
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, nature, setbacks

In what way would i choose to die? A normal youth wouldn’t even think about this question as long as everthing goes well.

But when the dorm , shuddering and rocking, roared like a train was going under it, that was the first question poped into my mind.

the whole building was crashing! though no one really knew what had happened, when the dorm was shaking like being hit by a bulldozer, everyone was thinking alike.

my roommates were waken up from their sleep, they quickly got out of bed and stared at each other, scared and astonished.

the shake weakened a little bit at this moment. marching-like sound of footsteps outside the door were urging us to leave.

“get out! ” Luo yelled.

looking back, i take my being buried under the debris, desprerately waiting for the rescue or death, for granted. unexpectly, God gave me a chance to get out safe and sound.

at that moment, i decided to call every member of my family and every friend of mine, to tell them how much i love them. i decided to buy dad the Parker pen that he always wanted and mom a nice suit. i even wanted to buy myself a CK jeans! taking out my phone, i only to find that there was no way to call anyone. looking up, the football field was full of people, naked or half naked people who were totally freaked out. some of them could barely stand on their own feet.

it was an earthquake. eventually we got that information from the radio. the epicenter was in wenchuan county , a small town only 100 km away from chengdu, where I attend college. it must be devastating, we estimated.

and we were right. more than 69,000 people lost their lives in a jiff and about 20,000 more are still missing. the earthquake left over 5,000,000 people homeless.

it started raining after we staying in the open air for more than 30 hours in aftershocks’ company. all of us rushed to the dinning hall in the pouring rain, where we were informed that it was safe to return to the dorm after a nervious night there.

we began to reorganize our life. we kept the TV on all day long, finding that people in disaster area were doing the same: each salvaged people from the wreckage represented a glorious victory over the rampage of the nature; each helping hand reached out through out the country told us that we were a family; each smile on children’s face indicated the hope left at the bottom of Pandora’s box. we can rebuild our home. it is going to be better here than it ever was before.

only if we plant the flower of hope on the wreckage, can the souls of the dead leave with fragrant, wrote a poet. i repeated this sentence several times by the window before i saw the rising sun.