I believe in the power of Walden

Sydney - University Heights, Ohio
Entered on August 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

Henry David-Thoreau described Walden as a paradise, almost a break from the real world, though we are not talking about the same Walden i agree 100% with him. I go to a summer camp in northern Michigan called Walden, it is my paradise and my break from everything going on in my town of Shaker Heights Ohio. At Walden I have learned how to be on my own, make friends, responsibility, and so many other life lessons and memories I will always take with me through life. Such as the many plots me and my friends made for pranks against the boys who were mean to us or would not accept us, or the midnight pizza our counselors would bring us. Walden always served as a constant place for me I was always moving around when I was younger so I knew that every summer Walden would be there and I could get a break from what was going on and be a kid for a month and a half. Walden was the reason that kept me going during the school year studying hard looking forward to another fun summer full of pranks, laughter, late night pizza, cute boys, and my friends.

That is why I believe in the not only the power of summer camp but the power of Walden a paradise and break from the world, a constant, and memories for a lifetime