i belive pain tolerance is determinded when people are young

carly - tipton, Indiana
Entered on August 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I believe a person’s pain tolerance is built when they are young. Depending on who and what they are around, their pain tolerance will vary. People’s pain tolerance is in correlation with how people respond to a child‘s actions. When a person is around people that are not nice to them, they get used to it. An athlete or a person from the country has a higher pain tolerance because they way they are brought up.

When a little kid falls, they normally look up to see everyone’s reaction. If someone gasps or runs to them to see if they are okay, the child normally starts either crying or wining. But if some one laughs, the child will get up and go on with what they were doing.

People who grow up in a family that may not be nice to them also sometimes have a higher pain tolerance. If they are always around someone who is physically being mean to them, they get used to what happens and the pain they go through does not seem as bad.

Generally people from a farm or people that play physical sports are considered tougher because they were brought up in a different manner than people from the country or athletes. People who grew up on a farm normally have to be outside a lot of the time working in order to keep the farm going. The type of work that they normally do is manual labor, so that makes them stronger and tougher. People who play physical sports are normally used to getting pushed down, which makes them tougher.

I believe people develop their pain tolerance as a child. When a child does something, the actions of the people will help with the child’s pain tolerance down the road. A person growing up with people being physically mean to them, their pain tolerance is boosted. An athlete or country person normally has a higher pain tolerance because of the laborious things they do. Pain is just a state of mind that is different for each person.