Agreeing with Pamela R. Lowe

Angel - Arizona
Entered on August 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature


-Walking With Trees; REPLY

I agree that trees voice their advice through the whispers and winds of the forest. They help think clearly like water washing away the dirt and grime of the dressed-up truth, leaving behind the simplicity of your problem and your soul. The forest limits and frees your soul completely, and releasing your thoughts on life and yourself. Their skirts made of moss, flowers, sprouts and leaves comfort any who needs nature’s love. They tell stories about you, while you lie underneath their leaves. They shield and protect you. Without trees many thoughts and ideas would not have been discovered. Many landscapes not have painted. Inspirations never born. I believe that trees are the remedy for anyone’s soul. Whether it is troubled or relaxed.

I believe that trees come to life at night, breathing their stories in your ears, letting you visualize their sights. Trees are beautiful and hideous at the same time. If it were not for trees, we’d be lost and left alone. Forgotten and regretted. I once fell asleep underneath the canopy of the forest. Were a little break of the clouds and the sky would reveal the stars veiling outer space, creating the perfect bedroom ceiling. I caught a cold that night, for there is always a price to pay for the wisdom and strength of the forest and nature. I believe trees are the answer to life.