Rooting For Nurture

Katie - New Windsor, Maryland
Entered on August 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Despite the fact that nature vs. nurture has been a debatable issue for years now, it still comes as a shock to me when I hear a person speak on behalf of the nature side. My mother was adopted by a Catholic couple from New Jersey, as a baby. They watched over her, loved her, and made sure she succeeded in life. They sent her to private schools, all girls’ schools, and to a top college. Today, my mom is a successful businesswoman and a mother to five children. My mother’s birth mother grew up in the bad part of a city in Maryland. She had my mother at the age of sixteen, while still living at home with mom and dad. She did drugs, had no future set out for herself, and barely finished high school. My mom’s birth mother had a son later in life. He died of cancer from smoking too many cigarettes. He was arrested several times and his mailing address for a considerable amount of time was the county jail. When I was younger, I used to boast of the fact that my mother was adopted, but little did I know just how lucky she was. Without the care and love of her Catholic parents, my mother would not be the woman I know today. It was the way her parents cared and treated her that made her who she is. My mother would not even be married to my dad without the nurture of her parents. I know that the way a parent treats their child will shape their lives into a better person or a not so great person. I know that how they live and who they communicate with also shapes their lives. I know that a person may live in the nicest house and go to the nicest school, but if they do not have the care and love of a parent, it gets them no where. I like to think that nurture is the key ingredient to a person’s soul, and you shape who you are around that. My mother may not have lived up to all the standards her Catholic parents set for her, but she certainly is not “slumming” it up on the streets of the city. I foremost and truthfully respect my mother for who she is. So, to all those critics out there, I proudly prove you wrong.