I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Dane - Tipton/IN/46072, Indiana
Entered on August 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

As The Darkness once sang, I believe in a thing called love. I do not believe in the infatuation type of love, although it may help with the learning processes of life. Everyone is somehow involved with infatuation, whether it is with the newest rap artist or girlfriend of three months. Not all know about the undying passion for something that can not be altered even in the worst conditions. I believe in unconditional, constant love.

There is nothing more pure and more sacred than undying love for something someone feels is precious, such as a person’s career. Passion for a certain occupation or career can be something very rewarding because of the feelings you receive while doing your job. Going into a place where you hate what you do can be the most shameful and unsettling everyday normality. I feel that love for your career can certainly be most rewarding.

The basis to love for another person is a stable relationship. Relationships typically build over a period of time, and love can evolve with the correct intentions. I do not believe in entering a relationship for the intentions of personal status or infatuation and sex. One of my most personal beliefs is that love is not sex, sex is love. Therefore, with these intentions and beliefs, a relationship can certainly build over a period of time.

Marriage is always a futuristic possibility for those who have the correct intentions, and those who hold marriage as a sacred, everlasting bond. Adultery and divorce are out of the picture when it comes to love. “Cheating” or adultery is an unforgivable sin, in my belief, and should never be thought of while progressing through a marriage. With monogamous beliefs, two can truly develop their relationship to the next level.

Love is, in my opinion, the most pure and sacred bond in the chemistry of human beings. Whether you have passion for a job or a person, love can be present, although it may seem to be absent. Love is the passionate tie between two people of the same beliefs or mutual feelings. With the appropriate mind-set and proper standards, two people in a relationship can eventually develop their relationship into something pure and true, which goes to prove one thing. Love is forever.