The Power of Ceramics

Jaime - Healdsburg, California
Entered on August 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Throughout the day, I come in contact with many stressors, some of which include big workloads or arguments with parents and friends. I try to hide my anger and my sadness during these times as best as I can, but the only thing that really helps me is putting my energy in to something interesting and creative. Before last year, I would put my energy in to pitying myself, but now I have found a great outlet for a wide range of emotions, from rage to bliss. This outlet that has changed my views on the art world and my life is ceramics.

In my junior year of high school, I needed to fill a period with some activity that would provide a break from all of my stressful classes that I was taking that year. The decision was between Art and Ceramics. I am forever grateful that I chose the medium of ceramics, for every time I step I to the classroom, I know I can blow off all of my steam and more. When I am feeling more jovial than usual, I find I have less concentration, and therefore, it is a good time to work on hand work. Hand work can be your everyday pinch pots, or little creatures with creepy characteristics. This sect of ceramics shows more creativity and lets me stray from my normal perfectionist tendencies. Although I am happy with who I am, even my own habits get annoying. It is good to be able to escape from my perfectionist side when I am creating pieces of hand work. On the days when I feel horrible and angered, I use the wheel as an outlet to relieve much stress in my life. I can just leave everything behind me, except for that evil little perfectionist in me, and start throwing even and awesome pieces of pottery. When I am angry, it is easier for me to focus in on one task and do my best to make it perfect. Last year, I know I have solved many problems by creating pieces on the wheel.

I know most people could not find such a connection to ceramics, as I have, but I strongly encourage everyone to find something similar to put their time in to when they are feeling bad about themselves or are feeling anger because of something that has happened to them. When everyone has something to put that bad energy in to, it is less likely that we will take it out on each other; therefore we will live in a more peaceful world. If we create and discover these outlets, our lives will, no doubt, be filled with culture and peace that everyone can appreciate and respect.