I Believe in Zombies

Grant - tipton, Indiana
Entered on August 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in zombies, no not flesh eating zombies, metaphorical zombies. People who don’t think for themselves, products of the “Man”. These people usually just go with what the media and society in general leads them to believe.

Good examples of zombies can be found in politics. One being kids who just go with whatever their parents do, like what the parents political party is, most kids will say my parents are republican so that’s what I am without really looking into what their parents actually believe. Another example are people who hate Bush, but really don’t know why, not saying that he is a good president or anything along those lines at all. These people usually just say Bush is an idiot because that’s what the media portrays him as, but when u ever ask people on why Bush is a bad president it usually sums up to being, well that’s what everyone else says.

Another good example of zombies are in religions. People blindly follow religions not really wondering to themselves on how to praise or worship. Just because your pastor or priest said that is how its done doesn’t mean that’s how everyone does. Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be done figure out the right one for you, I really don’t think God will mind to much.

Furthermore before you jump to conclusions on topics look them up, it might change the way you look at things. Just because it’s what others, sometimes smarter people, think doesn’t mean its right. Everyone has an opinion, everybody.