I believe in dreaming

Courtney - Tipton/IN/46072, Indiana
Entered on August 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dreams having a specific meaning. When we dream our brain is working just as actively as if we were awake but it opens up more memories that we may not remember if we were awake. Sometimes we dream about these memories, because it was an important part of our life. While we dream our emotions that we may not even know we had can become more apparent like having a bad dream can mean you are stressed, or upset about something. When we dream weird dreams I think that they are full of hidden puns we need to unlock ourselves.

Have you ever noticed you never actually die in your dreams? I think the meaning to this is we are all afraid of dying. When we have dreams of drowning or falling we always wake up, or stop dreaming before we actually hit the bottom or run out of air. We never actually die, because we are afraid to.

I had a dream once that my dog, which was four, had jumped into my pool and went under the murky water in the pool I couldn’t see the bottom, so I had sat there for several minutes thinking he would soon come up, but he never did. At the time I didn’t know the reason behind this dream, but I was a little shaken up by it. A few weeks after that dream my friend’s little brother who was four had drowned in a lake. Some People may think it was just a coincidence, or just another dream. I believe I was meant to have that dream.

I also think there can be spiritual dreams maybe God wants us to know something or warn us. When I was younger a few days after my great grandma had died I had a dream that she told me to tell my mom she was okay and not to be sad. I believe the meaning behind this dream was actually from God to help my mom cope with her loss.

Some people believe dreams are only dreams, and actually have no meaning behind them, but, I believe every dream no matter how weird has a specific meaning.