I Believe in Flying Monkeys

Stesha - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on August 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I believe in flying monkeys. I can remember the when I tried to watch the Wizard of Oz. I was about seven. There was nothing else on television and I was bored. The continuous singing and dancing annoyed me. I had never watched a musical before and I was not about to give the Wizard of Oz a chance. It took me ten minutes to turn the television off.

And then I turned ten. The Wizard of Oz was on television again. This time I got to the part about the flying monkeys. In the beginning I was singing and dancing along with the movie. I thought it was the greatest movie. I loved to sing “Over the Rainbow”. It was a little bit out of key, okay maybe a lot, but it was fun to me. I did not want to be Dorothy for Halloween like all of the other little girls. I was not that obsessed, but I loved the movie. The Emerald City was my favorite part of the Wizard of Oz. I wanted to live in the Emerald City. I still have the idea running through my head. Then the flying monkeys came and I got really scared. I was afraid they were going to come eat me or something. The television was turned off again.

Five years later I was a part of Tipton Community Theatre. Our next show was going to be the Wizard of Oz. I was not interested. I had become bored with the movie and I was still afraid of the flying monkeys. Then I was told that I could be a flying monkey. I loved to fly. It was my dream to fly across stage. I could not turn this once in a lifetime chance down. I agreed to become the horrible and scary flying monkey Nikko. I really was not sure how I would pull it off. After a week of flying practice I was more accepting of my role as Nikko. Then the show came and I really had fun. I got to do visual affects of carrying Dorothy and everything. I started to love the Wizard of Oz again.

By believing that I could be a flying monkey I learned something about myself. I learned that I can get over my fears and do something awesome. I learned that I should put my fears aside and do the things that I love.