The Power of One

Ian - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Entered on August 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In this day and age, people often take too much. People eat too much, drink too much, have too many things, and try to do too many things at once, and so on. Excess is the rage nowadays. Most people don’t even realize that they are taking way more then they need. It is this over consumption that leads many people into debt. But I believe in the power of one. You only need one of something, no more.

Before I was into one, I was just like everybody else. I was taking too much, using too much, eating too much and it was taking its toll on me. It wasn’t till I took a good look at myself that I realized I was living all wrong. All I needed was one. So from that point on, I started living by one. I only got what I needed, and started cutting down on things that I didn’t need. I got rid of everything that I didn’t need anymore and made sure that I kept the things I had in the best condition possible so that they would last longer. As I kept on this one rule, I realized that the longer I followed it, the better my life became and that it made more sense.

Taking more than one makes life tough. If you eat more than one serving, you’ll gain weight. If you have more than one lover, someone’s going to feel left out. If you own more than one car, you have to pay more for gas. Having more than one also takes away from the value of an object. If you have more than one, you take it for granted. But if you have just one, you treat it the best you can so that it will last. However, in our American society it’s hard to live by one. Things are so available that if your one thing breaks, you just replace it. This convenience devalues our possessions, which leads to a wasteful and ungrateful state of mind. Living in this state costs time, money, and injury. Sometimes it’s impossible to fully recover. That’s why living is a good way to live. The important things in life only come in one, so why not live by one?