Alban - Alm, Michigan
Entered on August 24, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Are we human beings with spiritual tendencies, or spiritual beings with human tendencies?I have pondered this question most of my life, and as I mature, the answer is beoming clearer. I know for sure as my body continues to deteriorate that it is my non-physical essence, my spirituality that continues to grow.

Early inlife, I was taught that my body was a temple of the Holy Spirit. If so, where does the Holy Spirit reside? The question has intrigued me throughout life. My life experiences have given me answers, to some degree. The logical part of life is in my head, my thinking center, my intellect. The spiritual part of my life relates to my feelings and defies definition. Spirituality knows no limits and is where our greatest power lies. How then does one tap into this reservoir of power?

Integral to my spirituality are … feelings. While thinking is a function of the intellect, feeling is a funciton of the heart. Thinking can take us anywhere; memory takes us intoo the past and imagination takes us into the future. Feelings can only be experienced in the present moment. Thinking often has a feeling component. Negative thoughts can arouse negative feelings. Thinking can be controlled and is referred to as concentration, focus or mental toughness. When we control our thoughts, we can facilitate positive feelings. Feelings are the raw material of life, our response to life and to some extent uncontrollable. We can however, control response to feelings.

How in tune with my feelings am I? The body is constantly giving messages through feelings. Am I listening? Much has been written about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but little about EQ (Emotional Quotient). Perhaps EQ is more important than IQ! Motivation happens at the feeling level and will give the best guidance to act upon.

I believe spirituality is the deepest part of who I am and ultimately determines the quality of my life. Being in tune with my spiritual self may lead me to an understanding of my purpose for Being, the ultimate fulfillment.

I believe I am a spiritual being with human tendencies. Most religions point to life hereafter where the spirit moves forward, not the material body. When I am transformed into the next phase of life, I believe my spirit will lead the way.