society of fears

kyle - s.lake tahoe, California
Entered on August 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

Fear of death, Fear of life, fear of living without a purpuse. A true statement? I feel that in todays society most people live their lives in a fotress where the pains of life are inable of making them feel and making them live. They live life in a routine never doing any thing different ; never stepping out of their bubble to feel anything. True there are people who put life and limb on the line every single day but they never do anything different. As kids we all always felt that we where meant for greatness; we always had dreams of being a rockstar or being a spaceman. As kids we lived life for life we were not afraid to feel the wind in our hair or to scrap our knees and cry about it we felt because we did not now any diffrence. Now I must ask when did we give up on our dreams, when did we decide that we would work in medieocer jobs , when did we decide to wrap ourselves in a plastic bubble and stop living. Why was it whenever we where told we couldn’t do something we just want to try that much harder to prove that one person wrong; we just wanted to show that we could do anything. Why did we stop trying?

Fear of death! Fear of life! Fear of living without a purpuse! A true statement? This I believe If we are scared of dying we do not live; if we are scared of living we live without a purpose, so whats the point. We cannot loose that one point in our life where we were not afraid we must remember the child in us. We cannot be afraid because if we are we be come nothing just a walking routine.