This I Believe

Judy - Denver, Colorado
Entered on August 22, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in not taking simple things for granted. My husband, Jonathan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor three days before his forty first birthday. He underwent surgery to have the tumor removed and then suffered a series of complications that almost killed him. Looking back on our twelve years of marriage, the things I miss most are the simple ones: going for a walk together, reading each other bits of magazine articles, watching our kids play in the park. Of course, now I realize that these were not such simple things after all. They each required millions of functioning neural circuits.

Now as I watch my three year old dance or my two year old marvel at a garbage truck, I slow down. I stop and look and listen and feel. These are the simple things that give meaning to my life and I don’t want to rush by them.

I believe that by appreciating the simple things we experience the bigger ones: love, G-d, the mystery of the universe. People often ask if I feel cheated by what has happened, cheated of a normal family life. I can only answer that if Jonathan recovers enough for us to do the simple things together again I will not have felt cheated at all.