Quality of Intent

Mark - Ventura, 93003, California
Entered on August 21, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe.

I believe there is nothing to learn

only to uncover what I already know.

I believe that as I peel the onion

I get to the heart and find

that there is nothing to learn

everything is known.

Nothing is everything

all is nothingness.

Nothingness is not emptiness.

I believe that the essence of everything is intent

Everything is born of, and is, intent

The root of everything is intention

This root creates, nourishes, and supports everything.

I believe we are all aware of intent

which is good.

We all know what is good

what is good is giving.

Giving is the same as receiving

when I give I also receive.

I am you and you are me

and we are one.

When I receive from myself

I am giving to you.

I believe that we know what is truth and what is not.

With the onion, we remove what is not and

are left with truth.

Truth encompasses falsehood

they are one

which is intent.

I believe with intent

which is good

we peel away what is bad.

Intent acts as both the peeler and the peeled.

Everything is good and nothing is bad

good is bad and bad is good,

I know which is that

which is this

because they are the same.

I believe the life I live I do not leave

because there is nowhere else.

If I return I am already here

if I go I never leave.

Here is everything.

There is everything to have

everything to see

everything to know

everything to do, here, now.

There is nothing left to do but be aware of my wonder

to dance with joy with what is here

to invite others to join in.

I dream of hope

if it flies away it is but a dream

so I lose nothing and gain everything.

Hope is in intent.

Hope is in faith which is the opposite of fear.

Faith conquers fear by taking it into itself

to become one.

Fear gives rise to faith and it is its essence.

I dream of opposites being one.

Opposites do not exist without each other

where opposites meet is truth

which is nothing and is everything

truth is all there is

opposites do not exist.

Truth creates opposites

Truth is the opposite of falsehood

therefore creates it.

Everything is true.

I dream of a world

where everything is the one which it is.

I dream of what is, is one,

which is good intent.

I dream of sharing everything

with everyone

who is me.

I dream of learning by teaching that opposites are one.

The student creates the master

and the master creates the student

they do not exist outside each other but within

I dream of dancing with joy

and accepting that what was

what is, and what will be

is now.

It is awareness of intent.