I Believe that a heart has no bounds

Samantha - Sebastopol, California
Entered on August 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, illness

I believe that a heart truly has no bounds and compassion is more than a word. I believe that the unknown impact we leave on someone’s life can often times be greater than the intended ones. I discovered this on a night in December as Christmas Eve was fast approaching, and with the season comes visitors. On one night a small oversight turned into one of the most devastating moments in my life.

My family consists of my mom, my dad, and two older sisters. Being the very youngest of the brood I happened to be the only sibling still at home that Christmas. And after a long year of learning and growing emotionally, the year was finally coming to an end. Part of that growth through the year was learning to accept the fact that my dad was now an insulin dependant diabetic. To be honest at that time I had no idea what an impact that was going to make on my life. I grew up in a loving home yes, but I never felt that close to my family particularly my dad until that night.

The night started off normal, mom and I cooked dinner while dad kept us company. In anticipation of the meal ahead, my dad gave himself the necessary dose of insulin. Just as we began to sit down we heard a knock at the door. A long family friend decided to stop by to say hello. We all got to chatting and soon dinner was forgotten.

Time passed and we all lost track of time. Then I noticed dad was gone and went to look for him. I was unprepared for what I found. There on the couch was the one man I truly secretly admired, pale, sweating, and at that point I thought unconscious. My first thought was to panic, to run from the room screaming and get my mom. But something made me walk to him, made me put my hand on his arm which in turn made him open his eyes to look at me. He could barely speak and all I head from his raspy whisper was “sugar”. Luckily there was a bowl of dark chocolate near by. Immediately I ran to them and frantically unwrapped one on my way back. I had to place it in his mouth and as that chocolate dissolved I felt my heart pounding, breaking, and growing all in one.

As his strength came back I finally got the nerve to leave him long enough to finally get my mom. And surprisingly I didn’t yet break down. In fact it was days before I could let go enough to let the emotions take over. But at that moment I knew two things, one that I loved my dad more than I ever loved him in my life and I was going to cherish him always and two, I wanted to be a paramedic and help families to cherish their loved ones as long as possible.