Unlocking the door called Confidence

Arame - New York, New York
Entered on August 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I remember how Sally sat in the back of the classroom. During attendance check the teachers would have to mercilessly scan the room for her quiet face. It was hard to

know if she was absent or not. I wanted to be her and be recluse from everyone. However,

I found out Sally really wanted to talk but, felt that what she had to say was insignificant.

For months, she sat in the back and faded away. My classmates and I never knew who

Sally was, we just knew her by name. The teachers soon started to pick on her for

answers. It was obvious she knew the answers but, her hand was never up. She was smart

but, felt she was not smart enough to speak her mind. My mom would always tell me to

speak up or never be heard. I used to be the Sally in Elementary School and now I want

to be heard.

Sally became my friend because I understood her position and how she felt. When I talked to her I saw a side that nobody saw. Sally talked and talked and she mixed her words and phrases in a way that could drag you in. Talking to Sally, made me realized that keeping your thoughts to yourself does no benefit to people around you and to

yourself. Sally was brilliant and thought about things that people would never dream of

thinking. She made me realize that confidence and voice should be exercised in any means necessary.

I often had issues with my confidence. I often did not raise my hand because I

was afraid I would get the answer wrong. Teachers would call on me and I would often

pretend not to know the answer So, I would not seem as a braniac. But, that changed in

middle school because I understood that being smart should not be a problem but, a

benefit. That what made me want to know Sally.

Sally rose her hand in every class and teachers started to call out on me for my

participation. I guess I have to follow Sally footsteps. She became more active in school

functions and was slowly gaining friends. We call her Saline now because she reinvented

herself and that name fits her new confident personality. I believe in confidence and

exercising it to the best of your ability. Confidence gives you a voice when you want or need it. When I want people to listen confidence is my lemonade.