Chiyoung - Los Angeles, California
Entered on August 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As we people have experienced, many things can happen over religion, such as wars. Religious wars are often the most violent, and tend to leave a great mark on those involved. But as I have discovered, religion does not have to be a harbinger of war or some great upheaval in the balance of the world. I do believe strongly that while religion can be very controversial and bring about wars, it can still be something to help people learn differences about each other and make peace rather than war.

I admit, I know that while discussing religion is frowned upon in schools, I talked about religion, mine and others, frequently. It may sound a bit like heresy, but I still make fun of my religion and others’, but only if they allow me to, because I know that if I say something wrong, things can go wrong with me involving those people I disturbed.

Once, I was discussing religion with two very close Hindu friends of mine. They are not firm believers, and those guys really do make fun of their religion. I admit that I also made a few witty, if not rude, remarks about my own religion. It did give us a few laughs, and I really wondered how something that can be as funny as this could set off grave things.

Another experience I had was when I was in a debate with one of my friends, a Jehova’s Witness. We began discussing things about religion, such as the validity and sacredness in saying the true name of God, and finished with a big debate about things. That experience made me learn more about Jehova’s Witnesses and appreciate other religions of the members in my society.

Does religion have to be only a catalyst for wars? I frankly think not. Why must we fight over things when we can have some banter about our religions? We do not have to be serious about them. I admit that some people say that God will be mad, but I understand. This may not be so much a naive answer as a seriously studied one, but can we not confess them when we confess our sins?

I am not saying that we should make fun of our religion all the time; that would probably be heretical and insensitive. Why not make fun of ourselves as followers of our religion, to make banter of our knowledge to learn more about other religions and gain a few laughs along the way? This I believe, that religion, the reason that starts off many wars, can not only be things to help others learn about themselves and others, but also maybe to help others have a nice laugh.