Michael - Groton, Massachusetts
Entered on August 18, 2008
Age Group: 65+


I believe that the universe is a song sung by the Creator.

The harmonies and harmonics create matter and energy. The distance between notes creates time.


I believe the song is about

Love and Hate

Galaxies and mouse whiskers

Good and Evil

Hard and Soft

Courage and Cowardice

Joy and Misery

Babies and Black holes



I believe we can use the song to make our lives better or worse.

The song flows through us and around us.


I believe the song tells us we are all related.

We are brother and sister to the ant, the tree, the rock, the rain, a supernova.


I believe we hear the song in the ripple of a brook.

In a clap of thunder.

In the song of a bird.

In words from a friend.

In the calving of a glacier.

The wind in the trees.

The pain in our back.

The growing of grass.

A flower.


I believe we are meant to be in harmony with the song.


I believe the indigenous people of mother earth have heard the song for thousands of years.

In it they recognize the gifts of respect, love, bravery, truth, wisdom, humility and honesty.

They call it spirit or chi or the force.