The ONENESS of the Human Race

Kanya Vashon - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on August 17, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Dear This I Believe,

I preface my remarks with this observation:

There are two aspects of each individual – a visible but temporary physical body and

an indwelling invisible Eternal Spirit.

There are more than 6 Billion physical human bodies on Earth today but only ONE Eternal Spirit which makes us ALL connected as ONE.

Having lived through all or parts of the last 9 decades, I would further like to say that The Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem founded in 1969 has demonstrated over the past 39 years workable resolutions to 5 perplexing Urban challenges: 1] School Dropouts;

2] Drug Abuse; 3] Crime & Violence; 4] Prison Inmate Rehabilitation; and 5] Creation of innercity Entrepreneurs.

Having notified these facts ad nauseum to 5 U.S. Presidents, various Congresspersons,

Mayors, Corporate Officers, Educators, Ministers, Rabbis, Newspapers, Radio & TV stations and various other Media etc., including NPR, I find it so strange that NONE have bothered to respond. I wonder why???

Could it be that the resolution of these worldly challenges is actually the OPPOSITE of what the so-called Elite (CFR, BB, & TC, S&B) that run the World would want to occur???

This I Believe