A Son From A Father

Papa - Belleville
Entered on August 17, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: family

My Fly Boy,

Sometimes, when both of us are in the right sort of balanced mind thought, it would be right for us to think about the bigger things like the world, the universe, and anything else that comes to mind. I know we have had these moments before and I have treasured them. I just hope we can find many more of these times in the future.

For me, there are many thoughts that come through my mind every day. Unfortunately, they also come and go like the wind through the trees! Although I have always been a separate person, rather than a part of a group, I still like to find other “separate” persons to “intertwine” with in their minds, in a sense. At this point in my life, my mind seems to be very open to new ideas and thoughts. For me, the path towards the future is always better than going back to the path of the past. The human history has slowly taking an upward path through the future even though there have been many backward steps in the process.

So, I hope I will have more “minds” to “intertwine” with me for many years as we all go upwards towards the future.

Love, Papa