Bill - Indiana, Pennsylvania
Entered on August 10, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

There are many parallels between the slavery situation that existed in America for many years and spiritual slavery. The physical slavery began with the indoctrination that a particular nationality was not as capable as another and thus not entitled to the same human rights. As we look back from today’s perspective, we realize that the people who were enslaved were just as entitled and equipped for human rights as their “masters”. Most of the slaves, though, did not, either comprehend or accept the notion of equality. Some did. Of those, a few sought “redemption” which was freedom by payment. If, somehow a payment was made and accepted, the slave was issued papers which permitted him to walk around like a free man.

The parallel to this is the large numbers of people who are just as entitled and equipped for spiritual freedom as their “masters”. This all starts with the indoctrination that they (or anybody) are not acceptable, presentable, connected to, or a part of “Infinite Source”. There is a way, however, to walk around with “freedom papers” in your pocket. There are actually many different types of freedom papers available that prove to individuals that they are redemptively acceptable in the eyes of infinity. A baptismal certificate will do for some. The attentive tutorship by a guru will do for others while a black belt in some physical discipline, or a holistic life of devotion to humanity bridges the gap for others.

There is a realization, however, that the slavery in America was propagated by a series of subjugating lies. The presupposed slaves, however, were by nature, entitled to human rights and justice just as anyone else. Redemption was a hoax conjured up by masters as a tool of control for those who dared to talk of freedom.

There is now a realization, however, that the slavery in spirituality has also been propagated by a series of subjugating lies. We (the presupposed slaves to sin) are, by our own eternal nature, entitled to insight, peace, love, eternity, and equality to infinity, as much as any of our supposed masters. Any spiritual guide, spiritual organization, Savior or Satan has no authority over my natural spiritual existence.

This I believe that I am just as entitled and equipped to manage a spiritual journey as any assumed master. Just as no nationality needs freedom papers today in America, so likewise, I need no certification by any spiritual master to be equal in the spirit and infinite realm.