I Believe in Believing.

Ashley - Dunkirk, New York
Entered on August 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe I am still a little kid. There are many times when I really don’t feel I am as old I am. Like a few of my friends, I have Peter Pan Syndrome: the fear of growing up. Life is strange, and at this time in my life, I cannot pick just one belief to write about.

Let’s face it, I am only 18. I believe in various wacky beliefs, so what? I am no grown up. I haven’t experienced a “life-changing event” and everybody needs to stop asking me about it: I just don’t know! Nothing monumental has happened thus far. I’ve had little experiences that I thought were life changing, but I guess I’m just waiting for something amazing to come my way.

There are many theories, myths, and other random happenings that I believe in. for example, I believe in Quantum Physics. An object is here, it’s there, and it might as well be everywhere. I also believe in life after death, reincarnation, and that you’re never too old to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I am also a strong believer that everybody should experience at least one Tim Burton film in their life.

One of my own person morals is that others should not judge people by what they look like. We should be able to express ourselves freely. We should tattoo and pierce ourselves or dye our hair a crazy cool color if that’s what’s going to make us happy! Why do appearances matter so much? People who judge others are just being discriminatory because they don’t have the guts to stand out and be who they want to be.

For now, I’m happy being my scatterbrained self and believing in anything and everything I can. Maybe one day I’ll be able to confidently write about one specific belief, but until then, I’ll just stick with the idea that everything I believe in is a belief worth my time. I don’t have to choose today, tomorrow, or even next week. Some day, perhaps my major belief will jump out at me, and I’ll stop and stare at it, like a deer in headlights.