My core beliefs:•always have a dream that is just out of reach;

Paul - Palm Springs, California
Entered on August 9, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: hope

The immediate result of these core beliefs was my joining the Barack Obama campaign days after the formal announcement of his candidacy. The form of my involvement in his campaign was to begin an unlikely new vocation.

I became an active blogger on his site. This new vocation was unlikely in a number of ways. First, I was as familiar with this new technology as someone with a fear of heights might be familiar with the latest techniques in sky-diving. Second, although I had earned multiple college degrees I had never learned to type beyond the two fingered tango. And, third, due to early on-set of Parkinson, I had a steady, useful finger on my left-hand but a less reliable and more prone to wandering finger on my right. None of these factors has kept me from being one of the most active bloggers on the Obama site. By actual accounting by the campaign I have written about 225 blogs since mid-March of 2007. Here is my the first blog I ever submitted into cyber-space…

I didn’t limit myself to blogging only on the Obama site. I became known as a “blog mouth” because I jumped in on any site I could find. Be it on three local dailies or on the big guys like the Washington Post, the NY Times and the Huffington Post.

I blogged away because “This I believe”, I have a Dream, I have a Passion for Politics and I believe in the Power of One.