Ann - Somerville, Massachusetts
Entered on August 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: equality

When I was young, I believed that we were all created equal and I carried this belief until I discovered that men and women were not the same. I had always known that men and women had their physical differences but I thought that inside we were equivalent. My world of equality crumbled when I realized that I could never be as angry and want to fight as my boy friends did. It opened my eyes. Richer, smarter, taller, prettier, and stronger people have advantages average people don’t have. It was the beginning of knowing that life isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that some people and countries are rich while others are destitute. There are people who are born with bodies that don’t fail them for decades, a century even; yet some are born who never walk, see, or hear. Physically fine, but psychologically handicapped, there are even people who don’t like themselves. It makes me glad that I’ve been able to grow up and be happy with being a girl and then a woman who looks like I do, who has been where I’ve been and done what I’ve done. I know why I’m where I’m at now and I’m happy and at peace with my situation in life. I have few regrets about my past but there are things I want for my future. I want my children to be comfortable in their skin to grow and find their place in society and the world they inhabit should welcome them as it did me.

I’ve gone from thinking that we were all created equal to believing that no one is better than anyone else. People who are richer, smarter and stronger people are people who have more money, skills, and muscle. They have more of something but it doesn’t make them better. Better is being happy for the things that give people joy. Bad is superior, elitist anything. I don’t like colonial, imperial, nationalistic anything which isn’t to say I’m not competitive. The New England Patriots are a great team; they’re better than all the teams in the NFL but on any given Sunday, any team could win. The Patriots are my favorite team because I think they’re the best team talent but I recognize that at times they can and will be beaten. I like the United States because here are my countrymen and this is where we live. I like us the most but does that mean that America is better than the world? No, it means that America is better for me. If other women think they need to cover their face and hair so men don’t get the wrong idea, let them. Let people eat, dress and talk the way they want even if it makes them think they’re better. They’re not better; they’re them and I’m me and if it stays that way, fine.