Courage To Be

Kathryn - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Entered on August 8, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Life pushing from inside out seemed enough until a perfect storm of consequences hit me hard and covering up no longer worked. Turning from traditional religious doctrines I just could not honestly commit to, I tried reading Paul Tillich: The Courage To Be, although it was farther over my head than the sheet I was pulling up. I just couldn’t understand him but loved the title. One morning, though, I got the thought clearly: “go read page 27 of ‘The Courage To Be”‘ and I did. There in the third paragraph I read, “When things seem to you meaningless, mindless, maddening, absurd (and, I’ve since added, cruel, manipulative…you get the idea) you go and do something that has meaning for you and out of that God creates your salvation.” It was so liberating, I did. Then, about a week later, I thought to return to the page just for support. No such words or any like them were there! I did searches back and forth. No, the thought has stayed with me for 28 years, but the quote which was so exactly what I needed then just isn’t there as I read it. I believe it was a boost from that ‘DeepMind/Deep Spirit’ place where creativity saves us for the best we can be. At least it worked that way for me then and it still is true.