Leaving Home

Kitrina - Dixon, Wyoming
Entered on August 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Kitrina, Dixon, WY While growing up, I was a normal country girl. Grew up out in the sticks, I had pets such as dogs, pigs, and horses. When the end of high school came I had a decision to make, either go to the small town college that the rest of my high school was going to, or go off to a college that had a better reputation and higher academic standards. So there I was seventeen years old and a life decision to make. I hadn’t ever lived away from my parents and unlike most seventeen year-olds I wasn’t looking forward to moving out of my parent’s house. I got along great with my parents as I still do. So I finally decided that I could handle moving off to college, and it would be better for my future, it would open more doors. After a very tearful goodbye my parents dropped me off at the dorm and I sat there and wondered to myself, now what? I’m in a city that I have no idea where anything is, and know absolutely no one.

Fast forwarding to present day I think of how lost I felt that day and how I thought that I would hate college that I wouldn’t meet anyone and I would be the loner that stayed in her dorm room by herself all the time. The only reason I never quit and went back to my hometown and finished college there is put easiest as stupid pride. I have never been a quitter in my life, if I start something no matter how awful it might be at the time I finish it. And the only explanation that I have for that is that I never wanted my parents to be disappointed in me for not finishing something. I wanted them to be able to talk about their daughter and say we are very proud of her and mean it. This may seem very juvenile to some people about not wanting to leave home but to me it was a very tough thing to do. Although it has shown me that I have the self determination to finish anything I set my mind to. And just when it seems like I am going to run out of gas and I’m about to give up, I find a gas station, refuel and go on with my life.