I Believe in the American Soldier

Alexander - Sterling, Virginia
Entered on August 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe: I Believe in the American Soldier

I was raised in a military family. I have learned to respect others and that selflessness is the best way to make a name for yourself. So many people these days are so selfish and wouldn’t sweat for someone that they don’t know. Also I have had to deal with discrimination at school. I am only graduating senior from my school in the past two year thats enlisted into any division of the armed forces.

Throughout my life I have always been surrounded by the military. My grandfathers both were O-6s in the Air Force and also the Navy, and my mother was an O-3 in the Air Force. There has always be structure in my household. I’ve never thrown fits at the store because I didn’t get what I wanted. My mother had to raise me on her own and I honestly think a key factor in that was military experience. She understood what was needed and what would be nice. She would also do something nice for me but never would I ask it of her.

She is not the driving force of my decision to join the military. My driving force is that I enjoy my freedom in America and people need to know that that freedom is no where near free. Many people in the Northern Virginia where I live don’t understand the importance of joining the military. Most people only want what’s best for them. They would rather sit on the couch and complain with everyone else about how bad the war is and that we need to pull out and that we are power hungry. But none of those people understand that someone has to die for them to be able to say that.

This is also a key factor in the discrimination against me by my principle at my high school. My chosen career is different then what he wants. He wanted everyone to go to college and get a degree and get rich and come back and brain wash the kids into doing the same thing as everyone else. My chosen career as a SEAL for the United States is not what he wants to have seen in his school. He sees me as a threat to his views that college is the only way. Yes, I will go to college but I’m happily going to serve my country so that my kids can enjoy the same freedoms that I have taken for granite for so long.

My belief in the American soldier is that people need to come together and fight together for all of the freedoms that we have. I ship out in the next few months for basic training and this has to be the most exciting time of my life. I braking the mold of Northern Virginia and going into harms way to make my living, and I couldn’t be prouder to do that.