My Tourette’s life

Daniel - La Crescenta, California
Entered on August 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve always wanted to be someone else. I always thought I had to fit in a mold. Believing this has been tragic yet has made me a better person. I had been abused by most of my peers because of one reason: I was different. Before I knew I had Tourette’s syndrome I was treated like everyone else, like I was normal. However, the moment a person found out I was diagnosed was when they started treating me differently. Everyone, including my so-called friends, would pick on me and make fun of me. The only people I had left to talk with were my best friends.

This started in 3rd grade and continued for four years. During that time, my parents searched hard for a doctor who would give me the correct treatment. We had found a doctor that might have helped but he was ready to retire. We went through two more doctors before we found the right one, four years after my diagnosis. I had finally found a doctor that helped me make progress. I had previously gone through countless varieties of medications, some of which did not help at all. Ever since I found this doctor, the severity of my Tourette’s has decreased.

However, the doctor wasn’t the only factor in my betterment. In 5th grade I had moved into a different school, and the same problems recurred. Nevertheless, I had two new friends that actually understood me because of similar experiences. They presented me a quote that changed my life. This quote gave me hope that all was not lost, but I can do things on my own. This quote is “Don’t rely on others; stand on your own two feet.” This helped me understand to ignore those who hurt, and appreciate the ones that care.

I am in 10th grade right now. My Tourette’s is nearly eliminated, but I still take medications in order to control it completely. Because it is almost gone, I have made many friends including those who had made fun of me. Some of my new friends don’t even know that I have Tourette’s. Having Tourette’s is something that will remain a scar in my past; however, as long as I have hope and believe in myself, nothing will get in my way.