Learning from Misfortune

Chase - Fort Ann, New York
Entered on August 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Learning from Misfortune

I believe in getting back up after falling down. I have found my belief useful for living a successful and fulfilling life.

Last summer me and my friend went skateboarding and, of course, I fell down. Basically everyone falls down at lest once in a blue moon and in order to learn a lesson from falling you’ve got to get back up and try again. Although falling down and getting back up is a good example about what to do when you fall off a bike or in a sport related incident, it also applies as a life lesson to help you get through the basic hard ships and struggles in life.

For example, my family right now is going through a little financial pinch because of the cold winter that is causing my father’s hours to be cut and limited because he is a quarry man. Being a quarry man means that he “works in the elements”. But my dad knows that the elements will change; and that this dilemma will be only a minor one. This is more or less like falling off of a skateboard and he has gotten back up in the past and shown that he can get through any thing. In this world, many people experience many things that are similar to, or some what different than, the situation me and my family are facing and some give up while others get back up and learn from their misfortunes, and this is a must in order to live a successful life.

Getting back up and believing in your self is necessary for everyone. For example, Jon Carroll, who wrote the This I Believe essay “Failure is a Good Thing”, is a good written example of someone who gets back up. In other words the only thing to do when you fall down is to get back up and to try and try to succeed the next time. That is the trick about falling down; you have to learn from your misfortunes.