The Power of Prayer

Robert - Fort Ann, New York
Entered on August 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Power of Prayer:

This experience happened to me about two years ago. My great grandmother had been in the hospital for a little while, diagnosed with liver cancer. She wasn’t given much longer to live. With that announcement the family made time to go see my grandmother in the hospital over a period of the next few weeks. Not long after the family had visited with my grandmother, she got much worse, and the doctors kept saying that any day now she would leave this world. My grandmother seemed to be hanging on for something; she simply did not die right away. My mother and I were sitting in our living room talking about my grandmother one evening, and how she was hanging on. We decided to pray, to pray to my brother to tell her it was ok to let go. About ten minutes later, we got a call that my grandmother had died. I believe in prayer.

Some may call this a coincidence; some may call it religion at work. I see it as our prayer being answered. I already believed in God, but I now have my own personal proof that God exists, and that there is a higher place. But my belief did grow that day, in the sense that someone is always there, and always listening. I also believe in a higher place, heaven, and I believe that people go there after death. I found that proof by the prayer to my brother, with the fact that what we prayed to happen actually happened.

I don’t know why it happened for me, but that is the beauty of it. You have to have faith. I do believe in the difference of prayer, and religion. Religion is the history and beliefs behind a god. Prayer is a communication, a way to vent feelings. Prayer can give you hope, religion can give you knowledge. You can combine the two, or believe in them separately.

I have prayed many times, with none of my expectations, and still don’t see many happen like I want. Yet, the thing is, with a little faith in prayer, I have found peace in my life. I step aside and zone out for a moment and pray. I may not pray for a miracle but almost as a meditation. The time it takes to pray allows me to clear my head and refresh myself for what ever may lie ahead. I have noticed that I pray more, since my grandmother died. When I pray to her, I find peace in what happened. I find peace in confiding in god.