A Vehicle for Learning

David - Fort Ann, New York
Entered on August 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Vehicle For Learning:

A couple of years ago my friend Brian and I crashed my 4-wheeler. We were trying to do a wheelie up a hill and we were both on it. I gave the wheeler a little too much gas and it flipped over backwards on top of us. It was pretty scary. Luckily, we weren’t going that fast, so no one was hurt and the 4-wheeler wasn’t that heavy, so it didn’t hurt when it landed on us. The worst thing was we didn’t have any helmets on, either. My parents and everyone who was watching ran over because they were worried if anyone was hurt.

I realize now how I could have gotten seriously hurt. One of us could have been paralyzed or something. At the time leading up to the accident, it was just any other normal day, nothing really remarkable happened. The accident came out of nowhere, everything was so unexpected. After this happened I was a little shaken up. I learned then and there that you shouldn’t do wheelies on a 4-wheeler with a person on the back of it. I later learned that this accident also meant that I shouldn’t mess around and do other things either.

After this experience I’ve tried hard to drive safe on any thing that I drive whether it be a 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or a snowmobile. I also usually try to make sure that I wear a helmet too. This experience also kind of relates to driving a car. You should always drive safely and slow and you should always obey the traffic laws. Plus the one major thing, you should wear your seatbelt at all times. So what if it’s uncomfortable, would you rather be uncomfortable and safe or comfortable and dead?

I believe that you can learn from your mistakes. So I guess it’s not necessarily a bad thing when someone does something bad. They usually learn from it then they won’t do it again. At least that’s the way it works with me anyways. I know that it also works that way with some of my friends. Like for instance, one of my friends had gotten pulled over by a cop because he was speeding and the cop gave him a ticket. After this whole experience he hasn’t driven over the speed limit ever since.

So I guess you can see how I could go from a 4-wheeler accident to believing that people learn from their mistakes.