Don’t let anything stop you from doing things you love

Dylan - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Entered on August 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that no matter what happens to you don’t let that stop you from doing things you love to do: just like my mom she had lung cancer and has been battling it for a long time but that did not stop her from doing what she loved to do like spending time with me and cooking sometimes.

My mom was a smart strong women and when she was in the hospital she did not want people to come and visit her because the way the cancer was eating her up but we brought more family to see her so they could say there final goodbyes because we never knew when she could have had passed away right then and there. I know that my mom still enjoyed every single visit from her mom, 2 daughters, 2 sons and her husband.

I kind of was upset because my mom did not want people to see her but we brought them anyway. Then I realized that it was good she got to see family that she has not seen in awhile or have seen her In awhile.

I learned when you refuse to give up there is a chance that you can fight it and get through it.

My mom told me when times are rough and when you are hurt don’t give up keep on fighting because you never know what might happen like a miracle could happen which I wished that happened for my mom. I will always remember what she said keep fighting even when times are hard.

I will never forget about her I love and miss my mom so, so much and she will never be forgotten.

Also another thing I learned from my mom is that things she loved to do she would always keep trying to do it no matter how hard it was. She loved to go on the computer, have fun and download and burn music to CD’s.

I know now that my mom is not in pain like she used to be. I remember onetime when it was just me and my mom left alone in the house while my sister and dad went shopping for her; she told me she was in so much pain and just seeing her in pain started to make me cry. I realized I might lose my mom and never see her again but now she is resting in peace and is not in pain. I know now my mom is watching me and that she is very proud of me and my many

accomplishments I did which were being elite complete for the whole history class and also becoming a stronger person then ever before and graduate from 8th grade.

What I learned from my mom is to do things I love even during hard times.