only the good die young

Heather - Angola, New York
Entered on August 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe only the good die young. The ones who die young are the ones who change peoples’ lives the most. I would like to think that young people die because they lived their life to the fullest extent. They have lived through the toughest of the though times and they have survived them all. Their life was taken from them early because they lived through their childhood, teenage life, adult life, and maybe even their life as an elder.

Kristen Ashley D was a great example of someone very good dying all too young. She had so many friends who loved her with all their hearts. She would go out almost every night to have fun with her friends, beach in the morning, tanning with the girls, shopping with the gang, every day she lived, she lived it like it was her last. She had a saying that she lived by and the rest of her friends lived by too, “live every day like it was your last, and treat everyone like it’s theirs”. She never took a day lightly, everything she did or said came from the heart and she lived an amazing life. For a young girl at that age, she acted like an adult who knew everything about anything, and the funny thing is that she really did. Kristen was the most lively and free spirited person I have ever met and known. Where ever she would go, she would leave her mark weather is may be writing her name somewhere or just giving someone a smile. Nothing can replace her and no matter how hard it is to accept the fact that she is gone, we all carry her in our hearts and minds. She will always be with us because of the fact that she was such a great and unforgettable girl. Only the good die young, all too young.