Humans like a cat.

Kumpol - surin, Thailand
Entered on August 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was born, my mother told me about god. She said everyone has own god who take care and protect us from the evil. Another thing I knew was we have 9 lives like cat. I believe in that even though it was just an old wife tale. I believe that people can almost die seven times. By the way, I have been counted what happened in my life since I could remember. I have been died 4 times

First experience happened when I was five years old. My father took me and my friends to the pond to teach how to swim. Honestly, we couldn’t see the bottom of the pond like a swimming pool. It was dark yellow water and had many leafs on the surface. So my dad didn’t watch us. He just cleaned the pond by taking leafs out. As I was a kid, I was naughty. I didn’t check how strong it is? I jumped into the ponds and my floating tube it went up, so I drown. Unluckily, no one saw me. I didn’t know how long I drown. I just saw the white light from a sky. It was the same light when someone was going to die. I just wanted to grab it like a kid sees a toy, but it wasn’t a toy. It was my father’s stomach and then he took me out of the pond.

Secondly, it was common accident which was a car accident. When I grew up, I could drive a car. Generally, teenagers like to drive so fast to improve how men they are, so do I. It was almost happen when I drove my car from Bangkok (capital of Thailand) to my hometown with my uncle. The distance was pretty far away. I would like to get home as fast as I could, but it had many trucks or cars. Unfortunately, the road had just 2 lines; it was hard to speed up. At that moment, I saw 2 cars in my line and one car which was moderately too far on another line. I thought I could do it without worried, so I did. I speeded up my engine and suddenly the unexpected thing happened. It had not just 2 cars. It had 6 cars and the line was too busy. I couldn’t turn back or move back to the old line. I was freaky out and I couldn’t do anything. I just tried my best. At that time, I thought I will get hit by the opposite car, but it wasn’t. When I passed the last car, something controlled my hands to move the steering wheel. I didn’t know what happened, I was so glad that I survived.

I realized it had something observed and protected me. That’s why I believe in god.