Point of view from an expatriot

Theodora - Winston Salem, North Carolina
Entered on August 4, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I find anodotes to describe the state of things in the US, Corporate America, influences from the administration,what it is like to be an American Citizen in a Democracy that has fallen apart. I was in Starbucks today, I wanted Vanilla powder, the only powder they had had black specs in it,therefore,people did not want it,they wanted pure white powder. I thought this is symbolic of the mentality in the US. I was born and raised in S.A. my first language is Spanish, I am passionate about polictics, how the world has evolved,the ignorance and lethargic attitute of the people,thereby, causing Global Warming, white people specifically being prejudice at the expense of an open President coming from Love and not Fear. The past 8 years have been so horrible for me that I refused to watch the news on TV, it upset me too much. I could not believe how the Administration manipulated people,places and things. It is all about Oil and lining the pockets of the Administration’s people. Does this sound like a Dictatorship, a Banana Republic? Loosing my rights as a citizen, the Administration saying it is ok to steal, be greedy, not care about the people in general, closed minded and an embarrasement. I have been told not to mention “Bush” oversees or I will be trunced on. I would like to be interviewed, a citizen that is not a pundit, has personal views regardless of polls etc. My conciouness is about being open to other ideas, religions, being empathetic, compassionate, passionate about my Country and extremely angry at how the American people allowed a Bush in office. He is against affirmative action,yet got into Yale because of affirmative action. People refusing to see that the immigrants of the 1900″s did not speak English, sent their children to school, the children learned English helped the parents, contributed to society. It is not different with any other immigrant group, including the Latino Community. If one does not experience personally an issue, they are closed minded about what is going on regarding race, other cultures, religions. All religions have an extreme community which uses God to reach their goals, usually terroristic goals whether with guns or brain washing. I so wish Americans would be open minded, empathetic, not be one issue voters,support diversity in all matters.