I Believe in Books

Emily - Washington
Entered on August 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It is a simple, and perhaps pathetic, statement: books are my friends. They are the most constant companion; unchanging, enlightening, funny, sad, itrospective, quiet, vibrant, relatable. The perfect friend. Every time a reach towards the shelf I know that Harry will defeat Voldemort, Elizabeth will learn to love Mr. Darcy, and Petrucchio will tame Katharine. I know this a thousand times over, but each time I find something new. With every read a nuance is uncovered.

Books have shaped my ideals. And perhaps they’ve made my standards too high (if holding out for an attractive vampire called Edward is too high). But now that Atticus has taught me about true equality, I cannot tolerate anything less. And now that the Pevensies have shown me Narnia, I know that other worlds exist. Books are my friends, the very best friends, the perfect friend that shows you the world and beyond.