Earth and Us

Entered on August 3, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: science

A YOUNG WOMAN was interviewing a well known writer on radio one morning recently. Lucky for me I was listening that day because it opened up an opportunity to express and idea I’ve wanted to explore for years. The interviewer kept pushing the man to reveal what he believed about the Bible, Heaven , Hell, God, etc but he kept avoiding her questions or tried not to be specific. “But don’t you believe the Bible?”, she asked. “Of course, much of the Bible is a kind of history book”, he muttered, She stepped up the tempo, “ But I’m talking about Heaven and Hell and life after death. What happens after we die? You do “BELIEVE” don’t you?” She raised her voice, “How could you live without believing? What did your parents say?” I imagined her standing there with hands on hips looked at him like a bad child. “How can anyone think that you just die and that’s the end of it after all this? No reward? No heaven? Surely you believe in SOMETHING!!”

I’m glad she put it that way because I think there is a whole lot of SOMETHING out there just begging to be noticed. John Apple is one to be noticed. He reminded us that there is not a single cell in our bodies that was not here when the Earth first evolved. That we are literally born of stardust and this great mass of humanity that we have become is marching headlong into time as we mutate, evolve and adapt continually as though we were in complete control of the entire process.

Most of us are born with everything we need to keep the gene pool flowing. And we certainly have taken advantage of that. Even though we have “but lately climbed out of the sea”, as Millay put it, we have already covered the Earth like green mold on an orange.

Now What? Can we keep from killing each other and poisoning the Earth before the door slams shut on our potential? Someone once said, “Enemies are so stimulating!” Perhaps that‘s why WAR is constant around the world.

Now, at the same time , there is an explosion of knowledge. Einstein just opened the door a crack and left it to someone else to see where it leads. Now, in this century, physicists are finding new ways to see our world, bringing us a new understanding of the nature of matter, time and space. and perhaps even of ourselves. We’re on the brink of new breakthroughs and perhaps even new dimensions!

Just to be a part of this process and to realize that we ARE a part of it, and to know that we know is rewarding. Our genes have traveled through millions of years of space and time TO BRING US TO THIS POINT. Doesn’t that ring your bell? We are not frozen in time! We are growing and perhaps are on the brink of unlocking another door to where we are heading! AND THE LADY WANTS TO COLLECT HER REWARD? Reward for what? For closing your eyes and holding your breath while you wait for death? This IS your reward!

You are a living part of this grand evolution! Wake up and smell the roses!